Liposuction: Treat persistent local fat

When should it be done and who are considered ideal candidates?

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery surgeries. We’ve all discussed, read or heard about it. But do we know when it should be done and who is considered ideal candidates?

What we can achieve

When local fat cannot be treated with proper diet and exercise liposuction is the ideal solution. One of the most important advantages of the technique is that the fat cells that are removed do not grow again, so even if the person gets weight after the operation the grease will not be concentrated in the specific areas.

With liposuction we can remove local fat from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms and obtain a more symmetrical and shapely silhouette. As far as men are concerned, liposuction is the ideal procedure for treating gynecomastia and fat accumulation in the abdomen.

The plastic surgeon

The choice of plastic surgeon is very important in achieving a perfectly natural and harmonious result. This is why the doctor takes into account the entire body before interfering with the problem area so that after liposuction the area is symmetrical with the rest of the body. And because there will definitely be questions about surgery, recovery and procedure it is a good candidate to discuss with the doctor about anything that concerns him.

The contribution of the candidate

To ensure a very good result, the attitude of the individual is important. Proper diet and exercise make a decisive contribution because when the body is in good physical condition it heals faster and the results become permanent. It is equally important for the person to follow the instructions given by the doctor and not to overdo it by taking drugs.


And for those who are concerned about any complications, note that liporesorption is a safe operation where problems are rarely observed. Even in such a case it is mild or moderate in severity and fully manageable.

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