Arm lift


Arm lift- brachioplasty ,or different arm surgery is the surgery performed to improve the laxation that is located in the arm area (commonly armrests). This phenomenon usually occurs at the age of 45-50 and mainly affects the female sex. In cases of high weight loss, it can also occur in younger ages and concern both sexes.

Why go to Arm lift- brachioplasty?

If the degree of laxation has become restrictive to your costume choices or is responsible for restricting your activities such as swimming on crowded beaches or limiting your erotic life and generally adversely affects your psychology, then the Arm lift- brachioplasty is the operation which will relieve you of the problem.

Arm lift: What is the procedure of surgery?

On the designated day of the surgery the patient is admitted in the hospital and after the necessary hematological, radiological and cardiological test , the operation will start . Arm lift is usually performed under local anesthesia and sedation. General anesthesia is only preferred in those cases where laxation is very extensive. If there is a high fat concentration liposuction of the arms is nessesary .

The plastic surgeon then performs a cut in the upper inner arm just under the armpit to remove excess skin. If the laxation is extensive, the surgeon will need to perform another vertical incision inside the arms that extends to the elbow. The incisions in this case will have a

T-like shape. During the procedure, the excess skin and excess fat are removed, and the arms regain their shape. Its duration is approximately two hours.

Is it required to stay in the hospital after the arm lift?

A few hours after the procedure, you can return home.

Arm scars: What complications may there be?

During this procedure complications are very rare. Although rare, some postoperative side effects such as inflammation or slow healing of scars may occur.

Is it painful to lift the arms?

All surgical or non-surgical procedures have some pain postoperatively. Arm lift could not be considered painful. After the surgery you will feel a moderate tension pull in the operating area and you will experience swelling, which may become prohibitive for some movements but will improve in the next few days.

Arm movement limitations: Should I adopt some particular behavior after surgery?

We will give you detailed instructions on how to care for the area and in particular scar removal to minimize the posiibility of contamination. All you’ll need is to wear a special pressure corset that will help reduce swelling. In the first few days, you must be very careful and do not overwhelm your body with unnecessary travel. You should also not lift any weight for the next 20 to 25 days.

General Improvement?

This operation has spectacular results. According to statistics, more than 95% of the people who have recovered are happy. Unnecessary skin disappears, local fat is minimized and as soon as the swelling has subsided, the improvement in the appearance of the arms is impressive with what it implies for your psychology and self-confidence.

How long do the results of the arm lift last?

The results of the arm lift are of a permanent nature provided that there are no significant fluctuations in your body weight, which exceed eight to ten pounds.

How will scars look after arm lift?

The scars at first will have a bright red color but over time they will fade and will not be easily distinguishable. However, it is necessary to have them daily with the special regenerative cream that your doctor will recommend for faster healing.

Return to work: after how long will I be able to return to my activities?

How long it takes until full rehabilitation occurs is not the same for everyone. It depends on your physical condition, your age, etc. Usually those undergoing this procedure return to work after a week. The intense sporting activity,it should be avoided for at least a month.

Arm lift: Conclusion

Arm lift is a safe operation without any risk of major complications, which gives a definitive solution to this unattractive laxation problem of the skin, through inconspicuous incisions restoring the image of the arms and beneficial effects on your psychology, increasing your self-confidence.