Laser Hair Removal Soprano

The laser hair removal Soprano is an innovative system of the company Alma laser which reduces in half the time of treatment, it is completely painless and generates permanent results ridding you of all hair growth. Waxing is a hair-removal practice for both sexes. Intense hair growth causes discomfort for both women and men. Women of course are those who are in a more dire position when they come faced with this problem. Although there are a number of ways to get rid of hair removal with thread or wax, the permanent solution is given by laser hair removal. But all lasers are not the same or carry out everything they promise. Many times the image after several sessions is disappointing. The laser hair removal soprano is a modern “weapon” in the Quiver of aesthetic medicine. It is approved by FDA of America’s Drug and food organization and is characterized by maximum safety.

Analytical characteristics of laser hair removal soprano

It has technology:

  •  Solid – State ALEX 755mm and energy density 20J/cm2
  • With 810mm head diode, Spot size 20x10mm and repetition speed up to 10Hz.

Solid – State ALEX Technology is based on the wavelength that the laser alexandrite uses, allowing the melamine chromosome to absorb more energy.

What is the specificity of laser hair removal soprano?

The laser hair removal soprano is the most modern method in the field of epilation. It incorporates the technology of the binary laser and the laser alexandrite. While the second is ideal for light-coloured skins, the laser hair removal Soprano is indicated even for the darker skin and can be used throughout the year. Most laser treatments are not applied during the summer months as opposed to the soprano laser hair removal which can be applied without the risk of discolorations.

How does soprano laser hair removal work?

The laser hair removal Soprano has two methods of epilating the SHR In Motion technology and the binary laser which adapts to your specific needs. It also features Ice Cold Sapphire technology, minimizing the risk of burn. The laser hair removal soprano through repetitive pulse movements targets the hair follicles without affecting the surface of the skin or neighboring tissues as opposed to the other lasers aimed at destroying the hair.  In addition to waxing, the NIR infrared head has a parallel tightening of the skin. The specific type of infrared radiation causes the stimulation of fibroblasts, thus increasing the production of collagen. Thus the skin remains healthy and at the same time slows the aging process.

Which method uses soprano laser hair removal?

The most commonly applied method is SHR (Super Hair Removal) where the treated area with multiple vertical pulsed beams of energy is scanned. This technique is called In Motion because the doctor moves the specially designed special head of the laser hair removal soprano continuously so that the pulse energy is distributed homogeneity. At the same time the Ice Cold Sapphire mechanism keeps the skin cool and the treatment becomes comfortable and painless.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal Soprano?

The laser hair removal Soprano has the following advantages:

  • It has maximum safety thanks to cooling Sapphiare Dual Chill Technique.
  • The treatment is completed quickly. The time of treatment is reduced in half and you do not need to refrain from your daily activities.
  • It is characterized by comfort because you do not feel any burning or pain.
  • It can be used in all areas of the body even on the face or neck.
  • It can be applied even during the summer months.
  • Hair growth decreases up to 85% and the results are permanent. The hairs are not reoccurring because the follicles have been destroyed.

Laser hair removal Soprano: How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions you will need depends on how intense the hair growth is, in which area it will be applied and what skin tone you have. According to clinical studies the usual number of sessions required to reduce hair growth to 85% is from 4 to 6.

For whom the laser hair removal is not appropriate soprano

For the application of laser hair removal Soprano Apply the restrictions on all laser hair removal. Not suitable for:

  • Individuals treated with isotretinoin to fight acne up to 6 months after the end of treatment.
  • People who are treated with tetracycline because this substance causes photosensitivity.
  • People who have been exposed to sunlight one or two days before application.