Breast Lift

The breasts are one of the most important points of the female body, which is identified with the femininity and the feminine. May the views as to the size of the breast be divided, others consider beautiful the small breasts and others the great, but all the opinions are identical in the image to be presented. Aesthetically beautiful is considered a erect and well-formed and symmetrical chest. Over time the breasts lose its volume and shape. Especially after pregnancies and breastfeeding. Breast lift is the surgery that gives the solution to this aesthetic problem.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift or otherwise, mastorocoagulation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries carried out worldwide. With breast lift, the falling breasts are reconstructed, lifted and their shape becomes almost adolescent.

Does breast lift affect breastfeeding?

This is a rumor circulating about this particular operation. This is not the case, under no circumstances, because the milk resources are not affected during breast lift. However, it would be good if the breast lift were to occur when there is no possibility of pregnancy because the results of the intervention will be affected by the changes it entails.

Why would a woman move to a breast lift?

Breast lift is an extremely safe operation that is done in order to enhance the woman’s self-confidence and to give her the breasts she dreams of. It is a fact that a well-formed breast will make her feel confident again about herself and will have a catalytic effect on her love life. The operation is always crowned with absolute success, the risk of developing complications is minimal and the result beyond expectation.

Which women are considered suitable for breast lift?

Suitable to proceed with breast lift are considered:

  • Women who face musculoskeletal problems due to the weight of their breasts and aesthetic nature due to the decline that has begun after adolescence.
  • Women whose breasts have become declining while decreasing its volume mainly after pregnancies or after the breastfeeding period.
  • Women during menopause that their breasts are too declining.
  • Women that their breasts are extremely small but at the same time declining.

What is the most appropriate age for the breast lift to take place?

There is no age restriction for this procedure. You just have to be an adult and be characterized by mental balance and good general health.

Breast lift: How long and in what kind of anesthesia will I undergo?

There is not only one specific technique for the breast lift to take place. The doctor will choose the one that is appropriate for the peculiarities that your breasts present. So how exactly it will last depends on the degree of problem. The usual duration varies from 1.5 to 3.5 hours. The anesthesia chosen for the most part is the general. However, if the drop of your breasts is relatively small, then it could be a breast lift with local anesthesia and intoxication. In any case, a discussion will be preceded with the doctor on the subject so that the appropriate type of anesthesia is chosen.

What am I going to have to do before I move on to breast lift?

If you smoke you should stop smoking for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after breast lift because smoking slows down the healing process. Also if you are being treated with anticoagulants you will need to discontinue them some days to avoid increased bleeding.

In addition, based on your history, you may need to do a mammogram for preventive purposes.

As for the specified day of surgery you will need to undergo some standard examinations such as general urine and blood, chest radiography and electrocardiogram.

Breast lift: Details the procedure

During surgery, the plastic surgeon opens an anchor-shaped incision. The incision is made just below the nipple and along the breast in the crease formed between chest and breast. Removes excess skin and moves the nipple higher. Then it stretches the skin in order to reshape the shape of the breast and suture it.

Sutures are removed after two weeks. In case the breasts in addition to fall have suffered and loss of volume The breast lift is combined with augmentation, placing implants so that we have a flawless aesthetic result.

Breast Lift: Postoperative course

If you apply local anesthesia and intoxication after a few hours you can return home. However, if general anesthesia is applied you will remain in the hospital and will be discharged the next morning after removal of the drains. In the first days after breast lift you will experience slight swelling, bruising and you may feel a slight discomfort. Everything is perfectly normal and will gradually subside within the next few days. You will also need to wear a special sports bra for about a month, which helps in smooth tissue healing.

Breast lift: When will I fully recover my functionality?

Breast lift does not require a long time until you become functional again. You’ll start feeling better from the second day. On the third day you will be able to do some light housework. In 5 to 7 days you will be able to drive and return to work. Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 10 days or better until the stitches are removed. Over a month you will have fully regained your functionality at all levels.

Breast lift: What complications may be?

Breast lift is one of the plastic surgeries that complications are practically impossible to derive. However, most rarely may appear hematoma or develop some kind of inflammation that are easily treated with appropriate medical intervention.

Breast lift: How obvious will the scars be?

Naturally the first period after breast lift the scars will be characterized by intense redness. Over time, however, they will begin to fade. After 3 to 6 months it will be difficult to distinguish but it depends on the speed of the healing process of each organism.