Fractional laser

Yarn therapy is a minimally invasive technique with excellent results that can be compared to those of facelift. Over time, our skin becomes lifeless and dull, the fine lines of expression are transformed into wrinkles, the contour of the face is altered and it becomes a downward trend. The appearance of the neck and décolleté changes with the result that our confidence is shaken.

With the threads the epidermis is revitalized, wrinkles are softened, the relaxation of the contour of the face and neck disappears and the body is lifted and clamped.

To whom is the yarn treatment addressed?

This treatment is aimed at men and women who do not want to face a facelift but want to restore freshness to their skin. Suitable candidates are over 35 years old with visible signs of relaxation in the contour of the face and neck.

What kind of yarn are there?

The types of threads that exist are:

  • PDO
  • COG
  • PLLA

The most known type and most widespread are the PDO, which activate the fibroblasts and increase the production of collagen and elastin. The COG have small spikes on their surface and are not as thin as the PDO. Because of the pins they have, they can correct the very deep wrinkles so they are more preferred for the facial area. SILHOYETTE SOFT and PLLA are sophisticated yarns used lately and have improved composition. The SILHOYETTE SOFT and PLLA bear corresponding cones and pins on their outer surface and their action is twofold. On the other hand they lift the skin and on the other hand increase the production of collagen.

Threads: What is the application process?

The treatment takes place in the clinic and its duration is approximately 40 minutes. Through needle-guides the threads are inserted into the treated areas. The yarns are made of special absorbable material, same as that used in surgical sutures in the last 30 years. Their lifespan is from 4 to 6 months. The result however lasts much longer because of the collagen produced around the areas where the threads are placed. Before treatment, anesthetic cream is applied to minimize the sensation of pain during insertion, the guides are appropriately designed not to cause injuries and to remove them easily.  The threads are inserted horizontally or vertically so that a grid is formed under the skin. The drivers are removed and the threads remain in place.  There is no specific number of threads but it adjusts depending on the size of the problem. In order to have the desired result, several threads must be placed in each area to ensure that the amount of collagen that will emerge is sufficient.

Where can the threads be applied?

The yarn can be applied to areas that show relaxation such as the neck, or the contours of the face, forehead, cheeks, forearms, inner thighs and generally in any areas needing tightening.

Who should not proceed with yarn treatment?

The yarn should not be used by those who are treated with anticoagulants, by women during the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding, and by those who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus or autoimmune diseases.

Yarn: When does the treatment result become visible?

The results from the yarn treatment are immediately noticeable. The definitive result occurs 2 to 3 months after application.

Threads: How long do the results last?

The results last 12 to 18 months although the lifespan of the threads is much shorter. This is because the production of collagen grows around the area to be placed.

Threads: What complications may exist?

Yarn therapy is a safe method with excellent results without any complications. The only mild, undesirable phenomenon is the occurrence of bruising (bruising) at the insertion point of the threads and the swelling immediately after their insertion. But they are perfectly normal and should not be of concern to you as after a few days they will subside.

Is there any chance that my face might be deformed?

It is a widespread rumor that all aesthetic interventions performed on the face can distort it. It is logical to have this question, but as far as the threads are concerned, no such issue arises. With this technique not only do not undergo alteration of facial features, but they improve. The lost tumor is restored and the relaxation subsides. Since the plastic surgeon is experienced, he has properly appreciated your needs and the materials he uses are checked you should not worry about anything.

What other treatments can I combine the threads with?

The yarn can be combined with other therapies in order to enhance the final result. Some of them are:

  • Mesotherapy PRP
  • Botulinum toxin
  • Franctional Laser
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Chemical peeling

Why should I proceed with yarn therapy?

This treatment has significant benefits and acts as a catalyst against ageing:


  • The threads are safe and fully compatible with the body
  • No incisions are performed.
  • There is no risk of side effects.
  • The results last longer than any other injectable treatment.
  • They contribute to the increase of collagen and elastin.
  • They offer a renewed and youthful appearance.