Breast reduction


Breast reduction is the procedure that is carried out in order for the breasts to shrink and lift. Breasts are an integral part of female femininity. A beautiful breast enhances self-confidence and positively influences psychology. In the case where the breasts are large and bearish it creates various problems, both functionally due to its weight and psychological nature due to the unsightly appearance it presents. The results of the surgery offer a renewed appearance of the breasts and improved quality of life.

Breast reduction: Functional problems of breast oversize

The operating problems that can cause a oversized chest are the following:

Aches and pains in the back and shoulders area

Respiratory problems


Neurological problems

Cervical lesions


Hypomatic Area dermatitis

The problems associated with the psychological situation are:


Feeling inferiority

Loss of erotic mood

Removal from socialising.

Limiting sports activities

Which women are considered suitable candidates for breast reduction?

Typically all women who have turned eighteen, with breasts too large (bra number at least D) and with physical and mental fitness can proceed to breast reduction.

Breast reduction: Before surgery

Before proceeding with breast reduction, you should discuss with your doctor whether you are taking any medication, especially if it concerns anticoagulants. You should stop smoking if you are a smoker in order to heal the scars as soon as possible. You should also undergo the following examinations:

General blood test

Chest X-rays


cardiological examination

Breast Reduction: Analytical surgery

There are several techniques for the breast reduction to take place. The plastic surgeon will choose which will follow, as appropriate. The duration of the operation varies depending on the method to be applied. It usually takes 3 to 4 hours. Initially the doctor notes on the patient the breast shaft, the mean thoracic line, as well as the new position that the nipple will take during surgery. The type of anesthesia chosen is general. The patient is placed in a semi-seated position and the operation begins. The incision is carried out around the nipple and reaches the hypomatia aspect. Then the excess skin is removed, the nipple is placed higher in the chest and the shape of the breast is formed. The incisions are stapled, the drains are placed and the chest is wrapped with a special pressing bandage.

Breast reduction: After surgery

After surgery you will need to remain in the hospital for preventive reasons one day, you will be given antibiotics in order to minimize the possibility of infection. The next time the drains are removed, the pressure dressing is changed and you can return home. Sutures are removed after about 2 weeks. The postoperative pain that you will feel in the first 3 days is inactive and is treated with simple analgesics.

What complications may be from breast reduction?

The risk of having complications during or after breast reduction is quite small. When this is carried out by a reputable plastic surgeon even arising it is easy to cope with. You may experience redness in the skin around the nipple area, where you will need to apply some antibiotic cream in order to subside. Complications that may occur more rarely are to create a hematoma, to present inflammation or hypertofeia of scars. Extremely rare complication with an incidence of about 1% is fat necrosis.

How long after breast reduction will I be able to perform my daily fearlessly activities?

It makes sense that in the first few days after breast reduction you will feel some kind of discomfort and depression. Four to five days later, you will be able to perform mild daily activities but you should be very careful in your movements to completely exclude the possibility of injury and refrain from any sexual Activity. After one week you will return to work, provided that it is sedentary. In any other case where your work is of a manual nature you will need to remove the stitches first.

When will the results of breast reduction be visible?

With the removal of bandages the difference in the appearance of your breast is visible. However, the definitive results are perceived after about 3 months.

Do the results from breast reduction have a permanent character?

Breast reduction is carried out to relieve you of the unsightly bulky and heavy life of the lifetime. The results of the operation are permanent, provided of course that there will be no large increase in your body weight.

Is the ability to breastfeed after breast reduction be affected?

The ability of breastfeeding is not affected at all because the lobes in which breast milk is concentrated, neither the milk resources nor the nipple are affected. But breastfeeding means that you will be pregnant earlier. A potential pregnancy will affect the shape and size of your breast, which is why breast reduction is preferable to women who do not want to become pregnant after surgery.

Breast reduction: What picture will the scars show?

As it is natural the first time the scars will be intensely red. The doctor will recommend a special cream, which helps to epoylwsi them. After some time the scars will gain white color and will be difficult to distinguish.