Daddy Makeover


Daddy Makeover is a series of plastic interventions involving the middle-aged man. The grey the may be considered attractive, but we cannot support the same for facial wrinkles, the accumulation of local fat or the relaxation in the abdomen that occur over the years.

The current era of both competitive rhythms and the standards of beauty imposed requires women and men to have a groomed attractive appearance, youthful and fresh. The Daddy makeover gives the solution to those men who want to feel beautiful with themselves.

What kind of interventions does daddy makeover include?

The interventions included in the Daddy Makeover are as follows:

Minimally invasive such as botulinum toxin therapy, autologous conditioned plasma and thread-lifting.

Invasive such as abdominoplasty, surgery to treat gynecomastia, blepharoplasty and P.A.L. (laser) liposuction. It goes without saying that someone does not need to go through any of the interventions that are included in the Daddy makeover and does not really need it. A common occurrence is one to proceed to a minimally invasive and one or two invasive therapies, e.g. botulinum toxin therapy and abdominoplasty.

Detailed interventions of the Daddy Makeover

Daddy Face Makeover

Botulinum toxin treatment – autologous conditioned plasma – Yarn facelift

Most men who visit the surgery of the plastic surgeon want to correct the signs of normal wear and tear of time imprinted on their face. Initially they apply one of these three treatments. The common element of these minimally invasive therapies is that they are carried out through infusions and mainly concern the area of the face. The yarn lift is a bloodless way to deal with the relaxation that concerns the cheekbones, the cheeks and the entire contour of the face. The treatment with botulinum toxin that effectively stuns the muscles and is used to correct wrinkles in the area mainly of the mesoyl, forehead and above the lips.

The autologous conditioned plasma is the most advanced method of mesotherapy which exploits the growth factors that exist in the blood and gives smoothing of wrinkles and slowing of their appearance. Autologous conditioned plasma is used to treat thinning hair or hair loss. These treatments have no side effects whatsoever and are completely safe.


More and more men in recent years go to blepharoplasty in order to remove the “bags” that form on the lower eyelid because of the perigeal fat or the fall of the upper eyelid, gaining a relaxed and youthful look. Blepharoplasty is a safe operation with almost nonexistent postoperative pain. Incisions are made in places that cannot be distinguished and the recovery is quickly done without any special restrictions.

Daddy Body Makeover

After they feel satisfied with the results of the above invasive practices and their self-confidence strengthened because of the renewed image that presents their face begins to concern them the image that presents their body.


Abdominoplasty is the main surgery that men choose. After some years of relaxation in the abdomen is inevitable especially if it has preceded a great loss of body weight. With this particular procedure the relaxed abdomen is the past and the scars are not visible since the points selected can be easily covered by the swimsuit or the underwear. The duration of the operation does not exceed two hours and the postoperative pain is easily done with simple analgesics.

P. A. L (Laser) Liposuction

Many men face excessive fat accumulation on the sides of the abdomen or inside the arms. The solution to this aesthetic problem is the P.A.L. (laser) liposuction. It is an advanced method of liposuction that does not require general anesthesia. The results are impressive and permanent. Even if an increase in your body weight is observed, the pounds will be allocated homogeneously as the fat cells that will be removed are not regenerated.

Tackling Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a problem that afflices a large portion of the male population. Apart from the unsightly image that shows the breasts, it has a negative effect on male psychology. During gynecomastia there is swelling of the mammary gland and a possible increase in adipose tissue resulting in the male breast resembling a female. The operation is performed initially by removing excess fat using the method of P.A.L. (laser) liposuction and then removed the mammary gland if necessary, through an incision made in the area of the nipple. The results are impressive and have a permanent character.

Why move on to Daddy makeover?

The modern life with the exhausting rhythms, the excessive exposure to the sun, the upbringing of children, poor nutrition and stress are borne by our external appearance. Excess weight, tired look, hair loss etc. Many times make us seem older than we actually are. Many times this acts negatively on our professional advancement and interpersonal relationships. Moving on to Daddy Makeover your self-esteem will be enhanced and you will feel attractive again as your body will be symmetrical and your face renewed.