P. A. L (laser) neck liposuction

P. A. L (laser) neck liposuction

P. A. L (laser) neck liposuction is a pioneering way of liposuction performed through a special machine with pulse vibration. It is an innovative liposuction technique, which is done only by a qualified doctor in a well-equipped clinic.

Over the years the adipose tissue accumulated in the neck brings about a significant alteration in our external appearance. The area of the face and neck is from the first points that others notice on us. Especially the neck testifies our age and there are few cases where because of the excessive concentration of fat completely disappear the lower corners of the face making us look older. If for the person there are dozens of techniques to maintain freshness and youthfulness, for the neck the unique technique that relieves you from the relaxation and accumulation of fat is the P.A.L. (laser) liposuction.

How is P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction done?

The plastic surgeon opens an incision of very small size on the skin just below the jaw. It then inserts a thin 2 mm perimeter cannula into the area where the fat accumulation is observed. Through the pulsating movements of the cannula the fat is broken down and sucked without causing damage to the adjacent tissues (muscles, blood vessels, nerves).

Who are qualified to proceed to P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction?

Typically in this aesthetic intervention, those who have reached the eighteenth year of age, but mainly applied to older women, in which there is a large concentration of fat in the neck area, can proceed. The ideal candidates should not be in the category of smokers, have physical and mental suitability, have realistic expectations for the result and do not have frequent fluctuations in their body weight.

How long does P. A. L (laser) throat liposuction and what type of anesthesia is required?

The specific procedure is performed under local anesthesia and intoxication and does not exceed 30 minutes in duration.

Will I need to stay in the hospital after P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction?

If the operation does not require total anesthesia, there is no reason to stay in the hospital. About two hours after the operation you can return to your home.

How long after P. A. L (Laser) throat liposuction can I get back to work?

The operation is completely painless, the postoperative pain is almost imperceptible and you are able from the first day to perform your daily chores. When it comes to returning to work it will be about a week after the operation after you stop wearing the special corset (elastic pressure cover).

How long after P. A. L (laser) neck liposuction will I need to wear the special corset?

You will need to wear it about one week to ten days. It should not be removed at all because it exerts pressure on the area and contributes to the smooth remolding of tissues. It is no coincidence that the only complication that can occur after the operation is the creation of a haematoma if you do not comply with the doctor’s instructions regarding the corset.

Will I need to repeat the P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction after some time?

No, it will not be necessary because the results of this operation are permanent. However, there should be no large deviations in your body weight because naturally there will be a re-accumulation of fat in the area.

Why do I take P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction?

Because the result will compensate you. Relaxation disappears, the unsightly dewlap is a past and the aging aspect ceases to exist. You will be able to wear any type of garment you wish and decorate your neck with your favorite jewels, without having to hide it with turtleneck and scarves and especially you will feel comfortable, you will radiate confidence and confidence fearlessly, bloodless, painless without visible scars and without the fear of complications.

What are the advantages of P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction?

The advantages of P.A.L. (laser) neck liposuction are the following:

The cannula is very thin so the removal of the fat is done with more homogeneity.

The skin incision is very small so the scar will be difficult to distinguish.

Postoperative pain is minimal.

No total anesthesia required.

Its duration is very short.

The plastic surgeon may be more precise in his movements.

Healing is fast.

The improvement is spectacular.

The results are permanent.