Voluma is produced by the company Allergan and is certified by the FDA of America, the EU and FDA. In essence it is hyaluronic acid whose form is more viscous than the others on the market.

What is Voluma’s action?

Hyaluronic acid is a highly hydrophilic material that exists in the human body and is responsible for the hydration of the skin. Over the years the face looks dull and lifeless. Wrinkles appear and the volume of the face is lost. The advanced synthesis of voluma acts on deep wrinkles and restores the lost volume of the face, filling the area of cheekbone, mandible and parities. Voluma focuses on the heart of the problem by giving a youthful appearance to the skin.

What is Voluma treatment?

Treatment with Voluma restores the corners and curves of the face giving shine and freshness to the skin. The difference of Voluma is that due to its viscous composition it can in a few minutes restore larger tissue deficits. It is a treatment that is applied bloodless by infusion, under the skin in the subcutaneous, periosteum and muscles.

What are the benefits of treatment with Voluma?

This particular filler has the property to be injected and incorporated easily so that the skin is kept smooth, the face is deeply hydrated and the image that it presents is completely natural.

Who is Voluma targeting?

Voluma is aimed at men and women whose skin is damaged due to the passage of years. The usual age of initiation of treatment is 40 years but it can be applied to people quite smaller as the rate of ageing is not common for everyone.

At what points does Voluma apply?

Voluma is applied to all areas of the person who have lost their firmness, elasticity and volume due to subcutaneous movement. The usual application points are:

  • The area of cheekbone
  • The area around and under the eyes
  • The front area
  • The area of the parities
  • The area of the mandible

How is Voluma treated?

Treatment with Voluma is performed through the infusion process. The doctor after applying to the problem areas anesthetic cream injects voluma through extremely thin needles. The whole process does not exceed 30 minutes (including the waiting time of the cream) and is almost painless.

What is the duration of the results?

The results are impressive and become visible after a few minutes. Their duration is twice the results of the simple hyaluronic acid. They range from 18 to 24 months during which the person is fully renewed and shows up to 10 years younger.

After how long should I repeat the treatment with Voluma?

It would be good for the process to recur after 8 to 12 months. The duration of the Voluma results may be greater but the sooner the process is repeated, the less amount of material you will need.

How safe is Voluma?

Voluma is characterized by maximum safety. There is no risk or serious side effects have been reported from its application. The hyaluronic Acid Voluma is completely compatible with the human organism.

Is there a risk of distortion from treatment with Voluma?

It makes sense to worry but if you choose an experienced doctor there is no such case. The doctor knows exactly where Voluma should be placed so that there is no such risk. The risk of deformation exists only if the doctor either due to inexperience or due to incomplete training apply Voluma to the dermis.

What complications may arise from the application of Voluma?

There are no complications from the application of Voluma only some undesirable phenomena such as the formation of bruising at the places where the infusion took place, the occurrence of light edema or rarely some type of inflammation which is treated very easily. Edema and ecchymosis subside after 2 – 3 days without needing medical intervention.

Why should I proceed with Voluma treatment?

Voluma treatment is almost twice as long as other fillers on the market. It can penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis and restore larger areas that have worn out. It is certified, completely natural and does not cause any side effects in the body. It is an ideal solution for those who want a drastic “blow” against aging painlessly and mostly bloodless.