Fractional laser

Fractional laser is a revolutionary technique that has the ability to reverse the signs of aging and restore the firmness and radiance of the skin. It is a non-invasive, bloodless and mainly safe method. Over 800,000 treatments with fractional laser have been performed globally by people who want to combat the signs of wear and tear caused by time and by those who want to get rid of the unsightly scars of acne And the discolorations caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

What is fractional laser?

Fractional Laser CO2 is an innovative, ultra-modern tool in which laser beams are divided into hundreds of microbundles that selectively sweep the surface of the skin. The difference between the Fractional laser and the previous one is that it enables us to intervene to a specific point of the epidermis and not to the whole surface (which may not need it). These bundles penetrate in depth by removing the “tired” skin cells. In this way the fibroblasts are activated, which are responsible for the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in our skin gaining a youthful appearance. Scars, blotches, dark spots and freckles are eliminated leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

In which areas can fractional laser be applied?

The fractional laser can be used anywhere in the body there are discoloration, stretch marks or scars. The usual points used are:

  • The area of the face
  • The area around the eyes
  • The neck and décolleté area
  • The dorsal surface of the hands

What are the results of the fractional laser application?

The results from fractional laser treatment are spectacular because the whole skin is restored. Fine lines and wrinkles are improved, dilated pores, acne scars, lesions in tone and texture are reduced, blemishes and blotches are decreased.

How is fractional laser treatment performed?

Before the application is thoroughly cleaned the treatment area, apply anesthetic cream to minimize the pain sensation and given to the patient special glasses in order to protect his eyes from radiation. Then the doctor scans the surface of the skin. The fractional laser works directly in the dermis (the middle layer of the epidermis) where through the heat the aging cell tissue is eliminated and the production of elastin and collagen is activated.

Fractional Laser: How long does the treatment last?

The total duration of each session is approximately 2 hours, due to the preparation and the waiting time of the anesthetic cream action. The duration of the fractional laser application varies between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the size of the lesion.

How many sessions with fractional laser are required?

It usually takes five sessions to complete the treatment. But this is not absolute. The number of sessions depends on the size of the problem. The plastic surgeon will assess your needs and judge the exact number and whether other therapies such as Autologous mesotherapy (PRP) or botulinum toxin therapy need to be combined.

Fractional Laser: Is the application painful?

The application of fractional laser is not painful at all. However it is possible to feel some minor discomfort despite applying anesthetic cream. After the end of the application you will have a burning sensation which will subside with the antibiotic cream and the cold patches that you will apply for the next 2 days.

Possible undesirable side effects after treatment with fractional laser;

There is a small possibility after the application the candidate to observe:

  • Recurrence of pre-existing herpes
  • Delay of healing process
  • Create an infection
  • Peeling
  • Acne Relapse

After applying the fractional laser will I display redness?

It is natural for your skin to show redness after applying fractional laser. The redness in combination with slight swelling (swelling) within 2 days at most will subside. The doctor will recommend a special regenerating cream which you will begin to apply immediately after application.

How long after the application of fractional laser are the results visible?

The results of the fractional laser are immediately visible. From the very first session the skin becomes smoother, the fine lines are softened and the scars fade. The exact duration depends on your behaviour, for example if you are exposed to sunlight without sun protection then it is very likely that discoloration or freckles reappear. The same goes for wrinkles, the aging process does not stop. It would be beneficial to incorporate in your annual schedule some repetitive sessions that will help to maintain the outcome of the treatment.

What are the advantages of fractional laser?

Its advantages include:

  • It has excellent results
  • Has zero recovery time
  • It is certified by the FDA and EU
  • Suitable for all skin types

Who is not allowed to proceed with fractional laser treatment?

Fractional laser therapy is not recommended for those who inconvenienced from skin conditions such as psoriasis, as well as from those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. Always on the first visit the doctor Records thoroughly your history and suggests the appropriate treatment.

What is the best period to start a fractional laser treatment?

The best period to start the Fractional laser is during the winter months. Generally in the summer, this treatment should not be applied at all because the skin in the first days after application should not be exposed to sunlight.