The treatment of LPG Endermologie was first implemented in 1986 in France and has since become one of the most famous in the whole world. This is an innovative method that is approved by the FDA of America’s Food and Drug Administration.

What is LPG?

LPG is the most effective non-invasive treatment to combat cellulite. It combines mechanical massage and mild aspiration through the special head which has two cylinders that cause lipodialysis and at the same time increase in the production of collagen and elastin.

What is the action of LPG?

The LPG excels in comparison with the other methods applied to combat localized fat and cellulite because it acts in the deepest layers of the epidermis by activating the fibroblasts and not just superficially as it is done with other Treatments that use laser or ultrasound for tightening. The deep action of LPG activates the function of the lymphatic system causing the elimination of toxins. Through the rotary movements of the cylinders the body is sculpted and the local thickness subsides.

What are the effects of LPG?

The results from the application of LPG are the following:

  • Improves cellulite and smoothes orange peel appearance
  • Toxins are eliminated and fluid retention is reduced
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Activated lymphatic system
  • Decreases local fat by activating the metabolism of adipocytes
  • The skin is clamped due to the stimulation of fibroblast

In which areas can LPG be applied?

LPG can be applied to all areas that are observed local thickness, relaxation and cellulite. Usually applied to the thighs, hips, buttocks, forearms in the abdomen and circumference.

Does LPG only target women?

LPG is aimed at people who are interested in their external appearance and do not want to proceed with invasive treatments such as liposuction, but they want to sculpt their body in the most natural way. Through a safe, bloodless process that beyond the undeniable benefits, gives them relaxation and well-being. Men usually experience a problem of accumulating local fat in the abdomen. Women both in the abdomen and in the buttock and thighs area. LPG is the ideal solution and offers a vigorous and shapely body free from the unsightly orange peel appearance.

Who are considered ideal candidates to proceed with LPG treatment?

The ideal candidates for treatment with LPG are considered men and women that their weight does not show too much deviation from normal. Their skin is in relatively good condition and their general state of health is good. It is also of great importance that their expectations for the result be based on realistic bases, follow or have no objection to a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise and a satisfactory intake of Amount of fluids.

How is the treatment with LPG?

The treatment is performed in the clinic only by a qualified and experienced doctor.  The patient wears a special form, the texture of which allows the special heads to glide without coming into direct contact with the skin. The doctor designs over the garment the problem areas.  The rollers are applied to the whole body but focus mainly on the problematic points. Depending on the time and speed used the rollers have the corresponding result.

  •  The ROLL IN method activates the lipolysis process causing a decrease in local thickness.
  •  The ROLL OUT method increases the production of collagen and elastin by activating fibroblasts causing skin tightening.
  •  The ROLL UP method causes smoothing of the orange peel appearance.

How long does LPG treatment last?

The duration of treatment depends on the degree of the problem. Usually each session lasts 35 minutes but it is possible to last an hour.

How many LPG sessions does it need to be performed?

The number of sessions required varies from patient to patient. It usually takes between 12 and 15 sessions, but this is not absolute. There are two sessions per week and the treatment is completed within two to three months.

When are the results of LPG visible?

The results begin to become visible at the end of the fourth session. When the treatment is complete the results are simply spectacular. The skin is clamped, its appearance exudes health and its shape becomes attractive again.

For what people is the LPG contraindicated?

LPG is contraindicated in those who:

  • They suffer from an autoimmune or chronic disease.
  •  have been diagnosed with malignant tumor
  • Receiving anticoagulant treatment
  • Suffering from some blood disease
  • have been diagnosed with any infection
  • They have a skin rash

It is also good to know that those who are treated with corticosteroids or who suffer from diabetes do not respond as effectively to this treatment.

Can LPG be combined with other therapies?

When the doctor deems it necessary, LPG can be combined with other non-invasive therapies such as mesotherapy and Cryolipysis, where studies help to activate the lymphatic system faster.

Are there any side effects from the treatment with LPG?

This treatment has no side effects. It is a new generation therapy, completely safe and completely painless that yields only benefits. Everything is the choice of a reliable doctor who knows how to use LPG in order to get the best possible results.