Smart Neck Lipo

Smart Neck Lipo is an innovative, bloodless liposuction method. It has been formally approved by the FDA of America after having been tested for five years and applied for the first time in the UK in 2006. Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive technique that is distinguished for its safety and excellent results. The smart Neck Lipo is literally the latest technology and tends to replace the classic liposuction methods.

What exactly is smart neck lipo?

Smart Lipo is a lipodialysis laser that, apart from the neck area, is applied to all areas of the body where fat accumulation is observed, such as buttocks, thighs, abdomen, etc. It is a ND: YAG laser with a high power of 40 Hz. The laser energy is channeled through an optical fiber 300 micron, which is placed in the subcutaneous fat of the treatment area.

How does smart Lipo neck work?

The laser works directly on the fat cells by breaking the outer wall and then dissolving them through the high temperature that develops without affecting the taxable persons tissues of the skin of the area. With the smart neck lipo The subcutaneous fat is dissolved and converted into a liquid, which is either absorbed through the physiological mechanisms of the organism and metabolized in the liver or sucked through the special cannula.

Why proceed to Smart neck lipo?

Over time the neck presents relaxation by adding US years. As well as treating the skin of the face, the neck reveals our age. This is because the neck has fewer smimatogonoys glands than the face for this skin is thinner. The smart Neck Lipo makes this aesthetic problem a thing of the past immediately, without any side effects and especially without undergoing surgery.

What are the benefits of Smart neck Lipo?

Unwanted fat is removed

Loose skin disappears

The skin is clamped

The bruises that appear are very few

Edema is very light

There’s no bleeding

The hole is too small (1.5 mm)

How does the application of Smart Lipo neck achieve fat dissolving and tightening?

The laser beam of the Smart Lipo neck has a wavelength of 1064 nm, which has been shown to be extremely effective in terms of lipodialysis. At the same time, through the heat that develops, new collagen tightens the skin of the neck area.

Why move to Smart Lipo and not liposuction?

The Smart Lipo neck outweighs against the traditional liposuction method for the following reasons:

The treatment is shorter.

It is minimally invasive and is performed in the surgery of the plastic surgeon and not in a clinic.

It is applied under local anesthesia.

No clinic stay is required.

There is no risk of hematomas appearing because the laser has the property to be hemostatic.

Skin tightening is caused and there is no risk of relaxation.

The recovery is done quickly, at most in two to three days.

The scar is not easy to distinguish.

There’s no need for stitches.

It offers a uniform effect, leaving the skin smooth without the risk of any dents.

It is completely safe and has almost zero side effects (less than 1%)

It is much more economical treatment since there is no need for additional costs of anesthesia and hospitalization.

What are the appropriate candidates to proceed to smart neck lipo?

Suitable to proceed to smart neck Lipo are all men and women who are experiencing a problem with the image of their necks because of unnecessary fat and relaxation. They should not be facing serious health problems and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome. Smart Neck Lipo can be applied to older people who other invasive methods are prohibitive. It is particularly suitable for those who do not have enough time and want a drastic solution to the problem without a scalpel.

What is the procedure for applying smart neck lipo?

The application of Smart Lipo Neck is performed under local anesthesia. The patient is fully conscious during treatment and is able to perceive the whole process. Then the laser is applied to the problematic points. If the concentration of excess fat is relatively small metabolized in the body, if it is larger is sucked with the help of the special Microcannula.

How long does it take to apply smart Lipo neck and how many sessions are needed?

The application procedure of the Smart Lipo Neck has a duration of 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the problem we have to deal with. Usually one session is enough. In extremely rare cases it needs a second.

When are the effects of smart neck lipo visible?

Results from the application of Smart neck Lipo will be perceived after 4 to 5 weeks while the definitive results become visible over 2 months or so. The results from the application of Smart Neck Lipo have a long duration and are not altered even after a possible weight gain.

Is the application of smart neck lipo painful?

The application of Smart Lipo neck is completely painless. It does not cause pain but a burning sensation which is not perceived due to the local anesthesia that is applied.

How many days does the recovery last?

The recovery is done immediately. The only apparent side effect is the appearance of bruises that after a few days subside. The only restriction is that you will need to bring elastic dressing in the first 24 hours and not be exposed to sunlight for a ten days.