Burns are the injuries of the skin tissues resulting from some harmful cause. Depending on the extent and depth identified are classified in first, second and third degree burns.

Burns: How are they caused?

Burns may be caused by:

The Heat

The radiation

The friction

The chemicals

The electricity

Burns: Details

Depending on the cause caused the burns are distinguished in:

Thermal burns caused by fire, in hot solid objects such as electric iron or hot liquids such as oil or water.

Radial burns due either to medical radiation (diagnostic or therapeutic) or to sunlight after long exposure to the sun.

Chemical burns due to chemical substances, e.g. strong detergents.

Electrical burns due in the electric current where it can be caused even death.

Burns resulting from friction usually in parapleplis due to chronic sprawling.

Burns: Rank according to their degree

Depending on their severity, the burns are classified in the following categories:

First-degree burns when the lesion is only localized in the upper layer of the skin. The skin displays redness and is painful at the touch. First degree is usually sunburn or those due to friction.

Second-degree or partial thickness burns, when the lesion in addition to the upper layer of the skin is localized in the middle (dermis). They are characterized by intense redness and acute pain. In addition to this type of burns appear bubbles with serous fluid.

Third degree burns or total thickness, when the skin damage is complete, ie except the upper and middle layer has been destroyed up to the subcutaneous fat. The color of these burns is white, grey or black and does not cause pain.

Burns: When is the plastic surgeon’s contribution necessary?

When the burns occupy an area of more than 30% of the total surface of the skin and is second or third degree, the visit to the plastic surgeon is imperative. Especially when the burns are localized in the area of the face, neck, hands, joints and genitals. The plastic surgeon will assess the lesions and based on their experience and extent will choose the appropriate method both in the acute phase and later in order to restore the appearance of scars.

Burns: Ways to recover

Depending on where the burns are located, the extent to which they cover, the degree of classification, the age of the patient and the general state of health, the plastic surgeon may proceed to:

Restoration of egkaymatikwn areas of skin with autologous dermal grafts.

Surgical rehabilitation of ricktic scars.

Surgical improvement of alopecia with hair grafts by the patient himself.

Use of special pressing bandages in order to prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars.

Use of the skin to restore any permanent scars.

Burns: First Aid

Because there is a high probability that we need to help a person who has been burned, some advice is provided in order to be able to provide the first aid.

The moves to be made are as follows:

Try to remove him from the cause that caused the burn without sudden movements and panic.

Check carefully if there are any other injuries other than the obvious burn.

If it is a burn due to a fire we must look at whether his breathing becomes unhindered and remove any jewelry he wears.

Remove the clothes carefully in case they burn.

If the skin came from hot liquid or solid and is not extensive brush some soothing ointment.

If the burn came from chemicals we need to rinse it too well with plenty of water.

In no case do we break the bubbles that have appeared because this can have serious consequences in terms of healing process.

If the burn is located in the upper or lower extremities area, these must be placed at a higher point during transport to the hospital.

Burns: Summing up

Burns should be treated in time to avoid the risk of inflammation. Depending on the type and severity of the burns are treated differently. The plastic surgeon is the most responsible for the smooth restoration of the skin that has been burned, this implies that the choice of the doctor should not be made lightly but based on its reliability and expertise.