Smart Lipo

Get rid of local fat with liposuction Smart Lipo

Liposuction is the most popular aesthetic intervention worldwide. It is aimed at both men and women who are satisfied with their overall body weight, but inconvenienced from the accumulation of local fat mainly in the abdomen, on the sides of the waist and inside the arms or thighs.

Classic liposuction has evolved in recent years thanks to advances in technology. The Liposuction Smart Lipo is the advanced version and gives us the ability to remove in a bloodless and painless way the local fat that does not subside even after exhausting diets or gymnastics.

The advantages of this method include the fact that it is performed under local anesthesia, but also the extremely small hole through which the laser enters the body, which implies that it is not created distinct Scars or scars.

The laser works directly on the fat cells by succeeding:

The liquidation of fat

Smoothing the Epidermis

While at the same time it causes increased production of collagen resulting in skin tightening

The elimination of excess fat from the body is carried out with the help of

Special Atraukoula Microcanoulas.

It is worth stressing that the liposuction Smart Lipo does not injure the neighboring tissues, the postoperative pain is almost nil and no recovery interval is required as the patient is able to return to work and generally in Its usual activities from the very next day.

This technique, apart from the body, can be safely applied to the face and neck, correcting the contour and chin.
Liposuction Smart Lipo can give a definitive solution to the accumulation of local fat, help eliminate cellulite while improving the
Orange peel appearance. This particular method promises to sculpt your body and help you regain your lost confidence.

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