Smart Lipo

What is Smart Lipo and who it is addressed to. Everything you need to know.


22 May 2019 12:40

Nowadays men and women want to look and feel beautiful. Depending on what they want to achieve, they follow fitness programs and a balanced diet to improve their image.

When diets and exercise do not bring the desired results there are invasive and non-surgical treatments that can help. A typical example is the accumulation of fat in specific parts of the body. In this case, liposuction, in combination with Smart Lipo, is an ideal solution. It is a proven safe and simple method that permanently removes fat cells.

Is the cure right for me?

Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a specially designed powerful laser. This technique tightens the skin and significantly reduces the appearance of orange peel, which significantly improves cellulite. An important advantage of the method is the fact that the incisions are smaller and no bruising is created.

Smart Lipo, either alone, or in combination with liposuction and liposculpture, is aimed at healthy individuals, medium weight, with accumulated local fat in body parts such as chin, forearms, inner thighs, hips, knees, back or abdomen. Please note that people with health problems are not excluded if special precautions are taken. All procedures of the procedure are discussed with the doctor on the first visit.Sessions

In the majority of individuals a single session can give the desired result. This of course depends on the application area. The exact number of sessions is determined by the doctor, in consultation always with the individual.

Advantages of Smart Lipo compared to classic liposuction

Smart Lipo:
performed under local anesthesia
has very short recovery time
It is minimally invasive
Unveils skin tightening
It is extremely safe and exhibits a reduced risk of bleeding
No need to enter a clinic, so it costs less


The treatment gives impressive and permanent results. The person observes the change, while in the next few weeks the image is improved thanks to the production of collagen and the elimination of liquefied fat through the lymphatic tract. Within a period of 2 months the final result is visible.

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